17th of Sandwich – Chapter 5: Open-faced Breakfast Sandwich

Photos by: Brodie Porterfield
Written by: Brodie and Kelley Porterfield

Am I a cook? When I’m cookin’, I’m a cook. Time for another imposter in the kitchen. My guest spot for the world-famous 17th of Sandwich holiday is once again upon us.  

We talk food a lot in this household.  Sandwiches are solutions.  Handles included.  Chicken eggs are perhaps the most versatile food on the planet unless we’re including water in the debate.  Let’s get these culinary superheroes in the same room together.

Am I a cook? I’m learning to work with eggs. Seems like a good second step after sandwich mastery.

The Method:

Non-stick pan small enough to keep the eggs from spreading too thin. I keep the heat quite low (1 to 1.5), and I constantly gently move the eggs to move the heat evenly through them.  When the eggs retain only traces of runniness you have entered an essential period of time wherein things are changing by the second.  Stop stirring for just long enough to allow the pan surface to seal of the underside of the egg mixture.  No browning! Look for the moment when the underside forms enough of a seal to contain moisture, but don’t leave it long enough for the eggs to fully solidify.  Then gently flip.   

Naturally, we assemble the egg with other ingredients to make… you guessed it, a sandwich.

Melt Cheese on bread, add eggs, top with green onions, bacon or your meaty favorite, and tomatoes if you wish.


Optional Ingredients:

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