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17th of Sandwich – Chapter 6: BLT

Recipe and Photos by: Brodie Porterfield of

The “L” functions like a moisture barrier to keep too much “T” juice from making the bread soggy. So, I like to put a layer on top and bottom like green, crispy parentheses around the “T” and “B.” We get our “T” from the Cayce Farmer’s Market. It’s worth the trip even for Europeans. 

Photo by: Brodie Porterfield

Sandwich architecture is more important than some realize or are otherwise willing to admit. My beautiful wife will sometimes ask me how I like the taste of something only fractions of a second after the first bite is in my mouth. We’re here to savor this summertime sandwich, and there’s a sequence of flavors and textures as we experience the little story in each mouthful. Consider this as you apply layers to your masterpiece, and never eat a sandwich upside down. 







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