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17th of Sandwich – Chapter 8: Truth and Legend

Photo by: Brodie Porterfield

Barbecue is a serious subject.  As a child, my mind was first blown by a place called Bully’s in a gravel parking lot in Ballentine, SC.  Around 1980-81, I figure.  Smokey Joe’s in Irmo also made a deep impression long ago during the 90’s (or around then) with its pepper sauce. Both places are long gone, and I’ve been chasing these flavors ever since.  Legends. 

Happy days are here again.  True BBQ in Tri-City (West Columbia, SC) is frankly my current favorite and has been for the past several years.  I say this with deep respect for the many talented craftsmen and craftswomen in this area.  In South Carolina the options are plentiful. 

As the name might suggest, there is an essential and undeniable correctness to this sandwich. They make great sauces, but the meat alone is truly astonishing in texture and flavor.  Describing this might be a little like dancing about architecture. Trust me, this is the truth. 


Go get one 

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