Photos by: Brodie Porterfield
Recipes and reviews by: Kelley and Brodie Porterfield

In modern culture, people enjoy celebrating national cookie day, pet day, and all sorts of other made-up holidays, so we decided to make a celebration of our own creation this October.

Octo-BURGER-Fest allowed The Porterfield family to eat 8 different burgers in one month. We provide recipes and reviews of some of our favorite homemade and take-out burgers below for those who want to participate in our merriment.

Don’t worry. We ate some veggies too.

African-Inspired Blended Burger – click for the recipe.

Shawarma-Spiced Lamb Burger – click here for the recipe.

The Happy Accident Burger – click here for the recipe.

The Cook Out Burger Cheeseburger – Cook out serves their burgers with thicker patties than most fast-food establishments but somehow keeps a light, fresh taste by using higher quality ingredients. Bread and butter pickles make this burger stand out in a lineup.

The Rush’s Cheeseburger – Another thick-pattied burger beauty comes from Rush’s. Most South Carolinians swear by this fast-food chain. The shredded lettuce, sliced onions, and perfectly proportioned condiments make for delightful bite after deilightful bite of textural goodness.

What-A-Burger’s Cheeseburger – This delightful little burger tastes exactly as it should, meaty and delicious. It’s an easy burger to love.

The Zesto Cheeseburger – Zesto’s burgers taste great, especially to lovers of mustard and onions. The compact size of the burger makes it easier to eat than some other fast food burgers.

The Five Guys Little Cheeseburger – The Five Guys burger may be most loved by those who embrace extra toppings. You can get a straight-down-the-plate cheeseburger or load her up with grilled onions and grilled mushrooms.


For those enjoying Octo-BURGER-Fest with us, be sure to spread the consumption of these burgers, as eating eight burgers in one sitting is not recommended by any state board of health.

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