Shawarma-Spiced Lamb Burgers

Photo by: Brodie Porterfield
Recipe by: Kelley Porterfield

Shawarma Spice Ingredients (You can also buy this pre-blended to save time.):

  1. 1/8 tsp. clove 
  2. 1/4 tsp. coriander
  3. 1/4 tsp. cardamom
  4. 1/4 tsp. cinamon
  5. 1/4 tsp. turmeric
  6. 1/2 tsp. cumin
  7. 1/2 tsp. sumac
  8. 1/2 tsp. smoked paprika
  9. 1/2 tsp. garlic or 4 garlic cloves
  10. 1/4 tsp. ginger or use 1/2 tsp. ginger paste
  11. Salt and pepper (to taste) 
  12. Optional: chili powder (to taste)

Lamb patty ingredients: 

  1. 1 oz. ground lamb
  2. A hefty scoop of shawarma spices
  3. 1 egg
  4. 1/4 cup of wheat flour

Special Sauce (optional)

  1. A hefty dollop of mayonnaise or yogurt
  2. zest of 1 lemon
  3. A quick squeeze of lemon juice

The Process:

  1. If making shawarma spice, stir all the spices into one spice mixture.
  2. Blend Shawarma spices and all other lamb patty ingredients with your hands and form 4 patties. 
  3. Refrigerate for 30 minutes to 3 hrs. 
  4. Cook patties in a cast iron or similar pan over medium heat, occasionally flipping until they reach 160 degrees Fahrenheit.
  5. While the lamb cooks, blend Mayo, lemon zest, and lemon juicee for the special sauce. 
  6. Add peppers (if using) to the hot pan and char quickly before adding them to the burger. 
  7. Serve patties, special sauce, and charred peppers between toasted hamburger buns. 
  8. Enjoy!

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